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Beige releases "Lonesome Story" for KBS drama "My Daughter Seoyoung" OST Part 3

Submitted: Nov 30 2012 04:41 AM by Uni

On November 30th, the latest OST track for the KBS drama "My Daughter Seoyoung" was released and revealed to have been sung by female soloist Beige.

"Lonesome Story" takes the head as the drama's theme song, which speaks of the difficulty between a parent and child including the bitterness, love, reconciliation and communication. Beige's vocals appeal to the drama's storyline by matching its dreary and sorrowful feel.

"My Daughter Seoyoung" follows the story of a father who separates with his daughter, who eventually becomes bitter towards him as she tries to gain success and get away from her poverty.

You can purchase Beige's new OST track at Bugs, MelOn and Olleh Music.

Source: BubbleFeetGravityOST

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