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Block B reveals teaser for "Close My Eyes"

Submitted: Apr 28 2012 05:35 AM by fiveseven_

After coming back with the title track "Nanrina" off of their second EP, "Welcome to the Block", earlier this year, Block B have revealed the details for their upcoming release--the repackaged version of "Welcome to the Block". Featuring two new tracks and a remix of the song "Action", the repackaged album is set to release on May 2nd, and among the new tracks on the repackage is "Close My Eyes", which Block B have just unveiled a teaser for.

Written by members Kyung and Zico, "Close My Eyes" is a relaxing midtempo track with soft vocals delivered by the boys of Block B. The thirty second teaser features various clips of the boys in the practice room as well as on the live stage. Several clips of the members playing with the camera backstage can also be seen in the teaser. After drawing criticism for their behavior in an interview in Thailand, Block B released an official apology for their actions. With "Close My Eyes", Block B looks to forget their mistakes and leave the interview fiasco behind.

Check out the teaser for "Close My Eyes" below:

Sources: Hyang Music, 7ONTHEBLOCK

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