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BoA performs "Milestone" at Audio-Technica 50th Anniversary

Submitted: Oct 16 2011 01:55 AM by Uni

Recently, Audio-Technica held their 50th anniversary event, in which BoA participated in. Being the advertising model for Audio-Technica, BoA attended and performed her new upcoming single "Milestone" in public for the first time.

BoA tweeted on October 13th, "Audio-technica 50th anniversary, congratulations!! The song 'Milestone' made its debut, I was nervous but I enjoyed it!! 'The music is touching!!'"

A fan who attended the anniversary event uploaded 7-seconds of BoA's "Milestone" performance, which made fans excited for the upcoming DVD single.

BoA's 1st DVD single is set to be released on December 7th and will include the new song "Milestone," the BEST&USA version of "Meri Kuri," and her previously released digital single, "I See Me." A DVD will also accompany the single with the "Milestone" music video, a 10th anniversary video, and a making of video, making it a total of 30-minutes worth of content available.

She is also set to perform at the J-WAVE Live concert on October 15th, where she will perform "Possibility," "Milestone," "Meri Kuri," "I See Me," and "Girlfriend."

What do you think of "Milestone" from the very short preview?

Source: BoAjjang, BoA's Official Japanese website, himiko240 and @boa_1105

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  • JustinPerky 68 Points

    Erm..the fan recorded in J-Wave. Not the audio technica anniversary event.
    And dayum..it sounds really good despite the fact that it's only 7 seconds.
    I'm excited already!

    15 October 2011 - 06:07 PM

  • JasonBin 0 Points

    I was just so excited when I heard this 7sec prev for the first time. It's gonna be a HIT in the half of 2011! Go go go BoA! <3

    16 October 2011 - 12:57 AM

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