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BoA reveals "One Dream" ft. Super Junior-M's Henry and SHINee's Key

Submitted: Mar 18 2012 10:55 PM by Uni

On March 18th, BoA released the track "One Dream," which features Super Junior M's Henry and SHINee's Key as the rappers.

"One Dream" is the heard as the theme song for SBS "K-POP Star," the audition show in which BoA is currently appearing on as a judge as an SM Entertainment representative along with YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyunsuk and Jin Youngpark.

The lyrics of "One Dream" speaks of all the emotion a participant feel as they go through the competition.

You can purchase the single at Bugs and Soribada.

What do you think of the new BoA track?

Source: AsianDreamOST

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  • Kitsune 272 Points

    i love it :)

    18 March 2012 - 03:11 PM

  • crellosa 0 Points

    Thanks for sharing! :)
    One Voice! One Dream!

    19 March 2012 - 03:38 AM

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