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Brown Eyed Girls' Gain signs contract with Loen Entertainment for solo activities

Submitted: Dec 21 2011 08:35 PM by Uni

It has been revealed that Brown Eyed Girls's Gain has signed a contract with IU's label, Loen Entertainment, who will manage her future solo and acting career. According to an official at Loen Entertainment, "She will continue with her group activities under her current firm, Nega Networks, which is a collaborative label with Loen. We work together to manage our artists and music distribution."

The official has assured that this will not hinder her group activities in any way and Loen will solely be responsible for her solo releases. They added that nothing has been formalized in terms of format or when the solo album will be released.

Last year, Gain released her first solo album titled "Step 2/4" and promoted her track "Irreversible." Currently, Brown Eyed Girls are taking a break after promoting their 4th studio album "Sixth Sense."

Source: 10Asia

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