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Chi Chi to release Japanese version of debut single "Don't Play Around"

Submitted: Jan 23 2012 05:45 PM by Kaye

While the news of girl group Chi Chi debuting in Japan, and their line-up change, was revealed at the end of last year, more details about their debut in the country were revealed earlier this week.

The girl group is set to reveal their first Japanese single "Karakawanaide!!", a Japanese version of their Korean debut single "Don't Play Around", on April 25th. On January 26th, they'll be holding their first Japanese showcase at Tower Records in Shibuya.

Apart from news surrounding their debut, it was also revealed that the group has a "natural beauty" clause in their contracts with their Korean company. It results in them not being able to go and have plastic surgery, as all members agreed to it while signing the contract.

Source: Yahoo JP and Creative Dolls

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