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EXO-K's Chanyeol shows off his beatboxing talent

Submitted: May 17 2012 05:16 AM by jisatsu

EXO-K member Chanyeol charmed fans on SBS Power Time Radio with his hidden talent - beatboxing! Chanyeol, who joined SM Entertainment through the SM Casting System back in 2008, recently debuted in EXO-K as the main rapper, and also appeared in Girls' Generation's Japanese "Genie" music video.

Chanyeol's boyish looks, contrasted with his deep voice, have already captured the hearts of many fans. He effortlessly displayed his beatboxing talent on the show, drawing admiration from the other members as well as fans.

Stunned netizens commented, "Chanyeol never fails to impress" and "What can Chanyeol not do?"

Check out Chanyeol's beatboxing for yourself!

Source: SMentEXO

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