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FT Island releases "Return" album

Submitted: May 23 2011 07:10 PM by Uni

After 10 months since their last release, FT Island has finally returned to Korea with their latest mini-album "Return." Since their last Korean release, FT Island has been busy with releasing new singles and promoting in Japan. The group have achieved #1 on the Oricon Album Chart with their 1st Japanese album "Five Treasure Island," and became the first musical band to achieve #1.

Their title song, "Hello Hello," is an acoustic rock song and is about a lover's sad parting. The track "Confession" was composed by FT Island's Hongki and has an acoustic mixed with the strong vocal power of FT Island.

FT Island will soon be embarking on their Japan Tour in June. You can now purchase "Return" on Bugs and Soribada.

01. Hello Hello

02. Oh

03. I'm Going to Have You

04. Confessions

05. Sunshine Girl

[b]Source;[b/] Bugs and ChungHeeKorean

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  • b2st_lover 0 Points

    finally some great rock music is back in korea ^^ <3 FT ISLAND <3

    23 May 2011 - 12:09 PM

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