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f(x)'s Luna to release "It's Okay" for SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" OST

Submitted: Dec 07 2012 12:49 AM by ohgelie

f(x)'s Luna is set to participate in the official soundtrack for the drama, ""Cheongdamdong Alice." Earlier today, it was confirmed that Luna recorded a track titled "It's Okay," which will be included in the second digital release of the soundtrack.

Luna will be releasing the track "It's Okay," which contains a hint of rock and electronic elements. A member of the production team revealed that Luna recently participated in the recording of the track and is revealed to be displaying her fresh and distinct vocals, different compared to her works with f(x). The full track "It's Okay" will be released on December 8th through major online music sites.

"Cheongdamdong Alice" is a story about an average girl played by Moon Geunyoung who dreams to be a daughter-in-law of the Cheongdamdong family. The drama started airing last December 1st via broadcasting agency, SBS.

Source: Xinhuanet

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