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Geeks and Jo Hyunah of Urban Zakapa release "Self" for "Together Forever Vol. 3"

Submitted: Aug 28 2012 09:35 PM by fiveseven_

Hip hip duo Geeks and female vocalist Jo Hyunah of indie pop trio Urban Zakapa have once again combined their efforts to release their latest single, titled "Self".

Louie and Lil Boi have previously worked with Jo Hyunah on tracks such as "Just Go", and the duo have also remixed some of Urban Zakapa's songs, including "Cafe Latte".

"Self" is part of Cyworld Music's project album collection "Together Forever", and the track marks the third volume produced in the collection. Previously, 4minute's HyunA and soloist G.NA collaborated for the first volume of "Together Forever", while earlier this year, Navi and Noel created volume two of "Together Forever".

Jo Hyunah and Geeks's track for the third edition of "Together Forever" is a soft, acoustic guitar based track with light drums to set the tempo of the song. In line with their previous collaborations, Geeks showcases both their singing and rapping skills while Jo Hyunah lends her soothing vocals for the song's chorus.

Check out Geeks and Jo Hyunah's single "Self" for "Together Forever Vol. 3" below:


"Self" (instrumental)

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