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Girl group VIVID releases debut mini-album + dance practice

Submitted: Mar 27 2012 08:51 PM by Uni

A new girl group has emerged and have released their debut mini-album on March 28th titled, "Attention Me." VIVID is a newly assembled 6-member group, who like many other groups, is vying to make their way to the top in the music industry.

Their jacket cover for the mini-album includes a cartoon version of the members as well as the text that seems to describe their group name, "If you describe memories and descriptions as vivid, you mean that they are very clear and detailed."

From the intense track, "Attention Me," to their beautifully vocalized and compelling track, "All Right," VIVID's 1st mini-album samples various genres to attract listeners. Their title track, "I Got You," is a dance track that mixes the overwhelming charm and personality of all the group's six vocals.

VIVID is made up of members leader Park Sunghee, Jung Ahyoung, Shim Ahreum, Showking, S2, and Seed.

Along with the release of their debut mini-album, VIVID has released a dance practice video for "I Got You."

What do you think of VIVID? You can purchase their album at Bugs and Mnet.

01. Attention Me

02. 야이야 (Yaiya)

03. All Right

04. 딱 걸렸어 (I Got You)/Dance Practice

05. Happy Time ft. MC Tae

Source: AsianDream2018, AsianDreamMusic and kpoph

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