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G.NA and Sanchez reveal audio teaser for "Beautiful Day"

Submitted: Dec 12 2012 07:35 AM by slidesandswings

G.NA and Sanchez of Phantom will be collaborating on a song titled "Beautiful Day." This track will be a part of a project album by Kim Do Hoon titled "Dokkun Project Pt. 2."

"Beautiful Day" highlights the high range of G.NA and Sanchez, showing off their glorious harmonies. The song utilizes a colorful background to support their strong vocals. Despite the optimistic title, the audio teaser carries a melancholy tone to it, emphasized by lyrics such as "crying again."

Although just a short preview of the track, users are already commenting their excitement for the release, complimenting the duo, saying "Wow their voices are beautiful!" and "This is just as amazing and beautiful as I thought. Both of these people, I love."

The project album will be revealed on December 13, so be sure to stay tuned for the full tracks!

Check out the audio teaser below:

Are you excited for this project album?

Source: WAENT2012

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