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JYJ may request another evaluation for banned track "Pierrot"

Submitted: Oct 06 2011 05:00 AM by ohgelie

JYJ's song "Perriot" which was banned by KBS for specifically attacking a certain person is now open for a reexamination. The President of the broadcasting agency revealed that JYJ may submit for a reexamination anytime.

On October 4th, a parliamentary inspection was held from the Committee for Culture, Sports, Tourism & Broadcasting Communcation. Jun Byunghun, a member of the National Assembly questioned the KBS President, stating, "JYJ's 'Pierrot' is banned because the lyrics 'PSM' is targeted at a specific person. What is the standard of consideration?"

In which the President replied that, "According to the deliberation committee, the lyrics 'PSM' in JYJ's [Pierrot] are problematic as it points to a specific person. Although JYJ's side has said that 'PSM' stands for 'Professional Success Music,' it doesn't match when the lyrics are looked in their entirety." Further concluding his statement by saying that JYJ may submit a request for another evaluation anytime.

In a rebuttal, Congressman Jun asked if KBS was the spokesperson for Lee Sooman and questioned why they refuse to believe the person who penned the song. He also asked as why KBS interpreted "PSM" as Lee Sooman, President of SM Entertainment.

KBS President Kim Inkyu then replied that the members of their deliberation committee assumed that the term refers to the given name. Also revealing that, "I will request that the deliberation committee be more open to flexible interpretations."

On September 28th, KBS announced the results of their review from JYJ's album and banned the tracks "Pierrot" and "Mission." According to them, the tracks were banned as their lyrics contain personal attacks.

Source: Star News, JYJRoom, and Tohosomnia

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