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Kim Taewoo and Bobby Kim release collaboration single "Bob & Kim" + MV for "Girl"

Submitted: Nov 30 2012 05:15 AM by Miranda

Solo artists Bobby Kim and Kim Taewoo have collaborated to release a fun track titled "Girl" for the upcoming holiday season! The artists have also cleverly named the digital single "Bob & Kim," referring to the rice (bap) and seaweed (kim) that is illustrated on the album cover.

Featuring acoustic sounds blended with upbeat melodies and shuffle beats, "Girl" presents a different sound that sets it apart from the typical electronic pop melodies. Kim Taewoo's husky bass voice combined with Bobby Kim's smooth treble vocals results in an exciting sound to refresh the tired listener.

The music video for "Girl" features the two artists dressed in matching wool sweaters recording the track in the studio. The video also shows the artists enjoying themselves at a lively house party.

Check out the new single below!

"Girl" is available for purchase on sites like Bugs, Melon, or Olleh.

Source: ktmusicable

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