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LEDapple to officially debut in Japan through "KISS TOUR" mini album

Submitted: May 16 2013 02:50 PM by Kaye

Idol band LEDapple will be unveiling their official Japanese debut album in a few months time as it was revealed that the five member band is set to release "KISS TOUR" at the end of July.

Though an official tracklist hasn't been revealed yet, it was mentioned that "ギミ・君・LOVE," "Sadness," "Run to You," and a Japanese original track composed by Shinsadong Tiger, "Fly Away," will be on the release.

LEDapple debuted through a cover of "DASH" back in 2010. With quite a few line-up changes, the line-up seems solidified to five members, leader and guitarist Youngjun ('90), main vocalist and lead rapper Hanbyul ('90), Drummer Hyoseok ('93), bassist Kwangyeon ('93), and lead vocalist, main rapper and Maknae Kyumin ('93).

"KISS TOUR" will be released on July 31st.

Will you be anticipating their Japanese debut?

Source: Tower JP

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