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Mate releases new MV and album "Play"

Submitted: May 19 2011 08:34 AM by Kaye

Mate is an alternative rock group who's been around since 2009. They consist of three members; Jung Joonil, Im Heonil and Lee Hyunjae. Their music can be best described as a mix of pop rock and indie.

Earlier today, Mate released a full length album and a MV of the track "Play". It consists of 12 tracks that were each carefully made by the band themselves. At the same time "Play" is the soundtrack to Mate's own musical movie of the same name. The movie will be released in June.

Due to member Im Heonil's enlisting in the army, "Play" became their last release as a group. Whether they'll be returning in the future isn't sure, but they felt they couldn't make new music with one member less.

01. 늦은 아침
02. Play
03. Run
04. Yeah
05. Impro
06. 그대 때문이죠
07. Real
08. 너에게 기대
09. 난 너를 사랑해
10. 그리워 (Movie Version)
11. 이제 다시 (Movie Version)

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Source: Hansarang2

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