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Monday Kiz, TAP and A-Treez release OST tracks + MVs for SBS Plus drama "Full House Take 2" OST Part 2

Submitted: Nov 26 2012 03:50 AM by Uni

The second single for SBS Plus's drama "Full House Take 2" has been released on November 26th!

Part 2 of the drama's OST album features new tracks from three artists including Monday Kiz, TAP and A-Treez. Along with the single's release, the music video for each track was released.

The music video includes scenes from the drama, and therefore, Koreaboo readers who are interested in watching the drama and do not want to be spoiled should skip over them.

"Full House Take 2" is a drama created in collaboration between companies in South Korea, Japan and China, and is a "loosely named sequel" based on the hit 2004 Korean drama "Full House." It stars No Minwoo, Hwang Jungeum, Park Kiwoong and Yeol Seolah.

You can purchase their OST tracks at Melon and Olleh Music.

01. Monday Kiz - My Love

02. TAP - Baby Cry

03. A-Treez - Hello Miss

Source: BubbleFeetOSTCH2 and LOENENT

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