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Norazo's Lee Hyuk releases a remake of Steelheart's "She's Gone"

Submitted: Aug 19 2011 07:57 AM by Uni

Norazo's Lee Hyuk has returned with another single, a remake of Steelheart's "She's Gone." In 2009, Lee Hyuk made his debut as a solo artist with his single "Arche" and the title song "Man," a rock ballad song, in 2009.

Steelheart (Miljenko Matijevic, Chris Risola, Rev Jones, Mike Humbert) is a glam metal band from Connecticut that was formed by Miljenko Matijevic in 1990. The band's song "She's Gone" is one of Kpop's most beloved song as many Korean artists have covered the song themselves, such as Super Junior. Lee Hyuk himself has covered the song on stage in the past before.

Through the many performances that has covered "She's Gone," Lee Hyuk has released an official remake of the song with one version featuring Steelheart themselves.

"She's Gone" is a rock ballad song with compelling lyrics and opens with a beautiful solo of an electric guitar. You can buy the single at Bugs and Soribada. What do you think of Lee Hyuk's remake of Steelheart's "She's Gone"?

01. She's Gone ft. Steelheart

02. She's Gone

Source: Bugs and iketeruLovBallad8th

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