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Perez Hilton loves 2NE1's "Lonely"

Submitted: May 11 2011 06:54 PM by Uni

Perez Hilton is known for posting and blogging about his love for Kpop. Most recently, the famous Hollywood blogger posted the new After School music video "Let's Step Up." He has also blogged videos from Seungri, Big Bang, TVXQ, and more.

But, Perez Hilton's favorite Kpop girl group are the one and only 2NE1! After a successful promotional run with their first studio album last year, 2NE1 has finally returned to the Korean music scene with their latest single, "Lonely." "Lonely" shows off the beautiful and unique vocals of each of the members.

2NE1's mini-album is set to be released on June 23rd, but they will release one new song from their mini-album each week until then.

Perez Hilton writes, "Such a pretty ballad! Check out their just-released music video for Lonely (above)! We heart them!!!"

Readers of his blogs lefts comments such as, "Loves when you give k-pop exposure. This is perfect of course," and "I can't believe. I can't believe. It's wonderful. I love this so much. The song, the outfit all perfect. They all gorgeous!"

Source: Perez Hilton and 2NE1

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