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Seo Taiji reveals self-drawn illustrations depicting his music career in the last 20 years

Submitted: Nov 28 2012 12:55 AM by Uni

Seo Taiji recently revealed his drawing skills to the public.

On November 27th, Seo Taiji's homepage was updated with an activity chart that illustrated the singer's 20 years of activities in the music industry. At the same time, the illustration notified fans of Seo Taiji's 20th anniversary event.

Seo Taiji made his official debut in the Korean music industry in 1992 under Seo Taiji & Boys (Lee Juno and Yang Hyunsuk) with the track "Nan Arayo," and has since then released several hit tracks such as "Class Idea" (1994) and "Come Back Home" (1995).

The illustration features unique caricatures drawn by none other than Seo Taiji depicting the major events of his music career in the last 20 years. At the bottom, the text "I drew this" is written alongside a drawing of Seo Taiji himself.

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Source: E-Today

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