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SHINee to release 2nd Japanese full length album "Boys Meet U"

Submitted: May 16 2013 03:40 PM by Kaye

After having made their return to the Korean stage with a two part release in the form of "Dream Girl" and "Why So Serious?," SHINee will be revealing their second Japanese full length album in June.

The new album, titled "Boys Meet U," will be available in three different versions including a regular CD Only version, a limited edition of the previously mentioned version, and a CD+DVD release. Together with the "Sherlock" and "Dazzling Girl" singles, as well as new Japanese tracks, the full tracklist for the group's 2nd full length album will contain 12 tracks. The DVD for the CD+DVD edition comes with music videos for all of the previously released singles such as "Sherlock," "Dazzling Girl," "1000nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite...," and "Fire," along with dance versions for "Sherlock and Dazzling Girl," and a showcase movie for the latter.

"Boys Meet U" will be released on June 26th.

Source: Tower JP

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