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Supernova, BEAST, and The Boss in today's Oricon Rankings

Submitted: Jun 15 2011 09:23 AM by Kaye

Today's Oricon Daily Rankings shows that Korean groups are highly present. Three Korean groups managed to get their new singles charted on today's ranking. Supernova comes in second place with 28264 units sold, while Beast follows on the third place with 21449 sold. Rookie group The Boss concludes the Korean groups in the top ten with their 7th spot.

Supernova's new single is a remake of their Korean song "On Days That I Missed You". They will be releasing their 12th and 13th single on August 10. Popular idol group Beast, on the other hand, released their second Japanese single "Bad Girl" as a remake of their Korean debut song with the same name. The Boss also released their second Japanese single, though they are the only Korean artists in today's Oricon who opted for an original Japanese song, "Love Bingo!" instead of a remake.

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Source: Oricon

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  • ichirinx 0 Points

    Congratulations to Choshinsung!!!! they are the best forever~ love them!
    congrats to Beast and The boss too~~ ^^ all the best kpop~~!!

    15 June 2011 - 03:55 AM

  • Lissa 2 Points

    Congratulations, The BOSS! my boys will be great in japan... in steps your seniors, like Supernova and Tohoshinki!

    15 June 2011 - 07:28 AM

  • Imagine8 1 Points

    THE BOSS!!! FTW!! How bout SNSD?? im confused about that...but CONGRATS TO BOSS!!!! & to B2ST!!!! <333 B2st & BOSS!! congratz to supernova too

    15 June 2011 - 09:48 PM

  • jean22s 192 Points

    Congrats my lovely babies!

    17 June 2011 - 07:30 AM

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