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Teen Top and Bye Bye Sea cover Seo Taiji & The Boys on Yoon Dohyun's "MUST"

Submitted: Sep 07 2011 01:45 PM by Kaye

Indie group Bye Bye Sea and boy group Teen Top collaborated on the latest episode of Yoon Dohyun's "MUST" on M.Net, where both groups were appearing as guests. Both of them took the stage, dividing up the singing and rapping parts equally over all the singers, including Bye Bye Sea's vocalist.

The groups performed one of Seo Taiji's older songs, "Your Fantasy" which was released under Seo Taiji & the Boys in 1992. The song was featured on the group's first album "I Know". Seo Taiji & The Boys consisted of famous rock star Seo Taiji, YG Entertainment head Yang Hyunsuk and dancer Lee Juno. They went their separate ways in 1996 after which Yang Hyunsuk created YG Entertainment, and Seo Taiji went on solo.

Source: 6teensontop and fiat50091

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  • GHuman 2 Points

    wew, what happen ?
    goodbye stage on this week ?

    07 September 2011 - 06:18 AM

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