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U-Kiss releases "The Special To KISSME" EP

Submitted: Jun 04 2012 08:14 PM by Uni

On June 1st, U-Kiss released their first single off their special mini-album release, "The Special To KISSME," called "Te Amo." "Te Amo" was produced by Nassun and ZENDA FAKTERI from the team BEATAMIN.

In April, U-Kiss released their 6th mini-album, "DORADORA," and began their full-fledged activities with the title track, but has released a special mini-album nonetheless for their fans, KISSME.

The title track for "The Special To KISSME" is called "Believe," a track full of charm. In addition, the track was composed and written by U-Kiss member AJ, making it all the more special.

"It Must Be Fate" written, compose and arranged by HAN, Kim Dongyeol for GENTLEMAN, and Min Youngjae. The track is a unique electronica pop-ballad song that speaks of one's first impression upon meeting your love.

The final track, "Let's Get" was composed by K-NOTE, Henry and Lee Chulwon; written by Lee Shinsung (ZigZag Note), AJ and Henry; and composed by Lee Chulwon.

You can purchase their special mini-album at Bugs, Olleh Music and Soribada. What is your favorite track off their special mini-album?

01. Believe

02. Te Amo

03. 인연인가 봐 (It Must Be Fate)

04. Let's Get

Source: AsianDreamAudio and babystep123456789

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  • kpoploverkevin 0 Points

    i love there songs so much<3

    07 June 2012 - 06:29 PM

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