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Ahyoomee (ICONIQ) and Japanese artist Gackt engulfed in relationship scandal

Submitted: Jun 22 2012 01:10 AM by Uni

Former Sugar member Ahyoomee (27), or better known as ICONIQ in Japan, has recently been engulfed in a scandal with top Japanese artist, Gackt (38).

Japanese media outlet FRIDAY released photographs of Ahyoomee and Gackt presumably in the middle of a date. According to reports, the supposed couple met at a high-end French restaurant overlooking Tokyo Tower. Gackt held Ahyoomee's hand continuously and the two hugged before splitting.

Media outlet Sankei Sports approached both artist's agencies, in which the latter replied, "It's their private life, they can do whatever they'd like," neither confirming or denying reports by FRIDAY.

Additional reports say that the two met during a-nation and has become closer. The two supposedly entered officially in a relationship recently.

What do you think of the relationship rumors?

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Source: Sports Seoul

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  • Kitaren_T 12 Points

    Gackt! XD

    22 June 2012 - 09:40 AM

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