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Big Bang's T.O.P to appear at Circle Nightclub in New York City?

Submitted: Sep 01 2011 05:05 AM by Congee

Update: We have been told that this was a promotion gimmick from the club and T.O.P did not officially agree to appear. Please attend at your own choice/risk.

Earlier in the day, casting director Choi Jinwoo tweeted pictures of Big Bang’s T.O.P and former Baby V.O.X member Yoon Eunhye at the airport waiting to depart for NYC, saying “TOP ready to fly to Big Apple NYC with Calvin Klein Jeans! Everyone guess what amazing and best fitting pair is going to New York? The correct answer is TOP and Yoon Eun Hye!”

The popular NYC nighclub, Circle, has recently announced that T.O.P will be appearing at their events this Friday and Saturday. Circle is a 21+ nightclub in NYC that has hosted events from many Kpop stars, including 2AM, JYP, Se7en, Brian Joo, Crown J, Brown Eyed Girls, and more recently, Aziatix. This weekend, Circle will be holding their “Labor Day Weekend White Party.” Doors are set to open at 10PM on Friday and Saturday. It will be free entrance for ladies until midnight, as well as an open bar for females until 11PM.

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This news comes after recent announcements of the Hallyu Wave spreading to New York City, with multiple concerts planned for October, including SMTOWN NYC, and rumors of TVXQ attending the upcoming Lacoste event for New York Fashion Week next weekend.

Are you looking forward to T.O.P and Yoon Eunhye’s visit to New York? Will you be attending the event at Circle?

Source: iBigBang, @editorjinu and Circle NYC Event Page

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  • kblee 0 Points

    Just love TOP. Love his voice. All the best in NYC!

    01 September 2011 - 04:56 AM

  • zetsuemi 1 Points

    drama drama drama pls!

    21 November 2011 - 07:04 PM

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