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EXO to hold dual press conference + debut in month of April?

Submitted: Mar 06 2012 09:20 PM by Kaye

According to Chinese MusicRadio, which is a verified Weibo account, SM Entertainment is set to hold press conferences later this month about EXO-M and EXO-K's impending debut.

The company is said to start off with a conference in Korea on March 31st, before they head to Beijing, China on April 1st. At the press conference, SM Entertainment is expected to relay about the group's debut full length album, as well as the concept of the group.

It has also been said that the groups are set on debuting at the end of April. With SHINee set to make a comeback in March, it will allow for SM to have their artists not compete with each other on the stage for fans attention. BoA is also rumoured to be making a comeback soon.

The schedule also fits together with EXO quickly running out of songs to tease with, with over 20 teasers already being released for the group.

The message appeared through the MusicRadio Weibo account but was later deleted, most likely due to the reason that their debut was not to be announced until SM gave the go-ahead. More news on the matter has yet to be confirmed.

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Source: musicradiocc

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  • Wendy 154 Points

    #EveryoneButZhangLiyin. Girl's been finished her recordings since October, ffs... =___=

    06 March 2012 - 01:52 PM

  • jean22s 192 Points

    oh yeah~
    i wish to see them in variety shows soon.
    esp EXO-M in 100% entertainment

    21 March 2012 - 11:50 PM

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