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Lexy to make a comeback? "I'm past that dark tunnel"

Submitted: Feb 22 2011 08:20 PM by Uni

One of the first solo female rappers to make her debut under YG Entertainment, Lexy, has finally made contact with her fans through her Cyworld after two years. The female rapper moved to SB&W Entertainment in 2008 and released her 4th album "THE LEXY". Fans have not heard any new material since then.

She recently posted on her Cyworld a series of selca of herself with and without makeup and posted under the image, "Discovery.. ke."

She continues to write, "I just realized... Ah, my face... My face doesn't look like a woman's... Ding~ keke... Ah~ That's why I was more popular with women keke. So you have to give me a lot of makeup and red lipstick like that bottom picture~~ (It was my first time putting it on kekeke) Only then you can tell I'm a woman~T.T keke. I finish calming(?) myself like this lately... I try to look at myself with an unbiased view or even an item~ hahaha"

Regarding her two year absence from the music industry, Lexy writes, "A 2 year's time... A lot of things happened and I'm past that dark tunnel and I'm here now.... I'm not dead, I'm alive... kekeke hahaha... It's really... the start... That's what I want to tell myself and there are lots of things I have to do for myself...haha."

The rapper finished off her post with, "Everyone is in love!!! Everyone that is in pain!!! 2011 will be a good year~ Really~~ hahaha I love you."

Netizens left posts on her Cyworld asking her to make a comeback. "Please come back," "I'll be waiting," and "Let's leap forward."

If Lexy were to make a comeback this year, would you look forward to it and give her your support?

Source: ainews and crazyxcami

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