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Netizens identify new Nine Muses member? + Group prepares for comeback

Submitted: Nov 11 2011 10:10 PM by Kaye

Earlier this year, Nine Muses had two of its members, Rana and Bini, leave temporarily. Their full withdrawal from the group was revealed in August, when Star Empire started their search for additional members.

Nine Muses then made their comeback with "Figaro," allowing them to perform as a temporary sub-group of seven members. Now it has been confirmed that Star Empire has added a new member, and are planning to add another one to make the full Nine Muses a nine member group again.

Just recently, netizens have been able to identify the new member through fancams, and revealed her name to be Kyungri. This 21-year-old was born in 1990 and originally part of the Nine Muses line-up prior to the group's debut. Unfortunately, she was not chosen for the final line up and Kyungri moved to Medialine where she became friends with the group VNT and the N-Train members. During her time in the company, she also received training as a back-up dancer for solo singer Chaeyeon.

Being a Medialine trainee, she was rumored to be part of the company's upcoming girl group Viva Girls, but the existence of the group has been questioned by many and most of the girls have moved to other entertainment companies. Kyungri returned to Star Empire.

Though the amount of members in the group hasn't been confirmed by Star Empire, Nine Muses is rumored to be returning on November 17th with a new mini album and a title track composed by Sweetune who also worked on "Figaro" and multiple title tracks of Infinite and KARA.

Source: unsungbyul

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