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T-ara releasing "Yayaya" as second Japanese single?

Submitted: Sep 24 2011 03:55 PM by Kaye

After Soyeon revealed a photo through her official twitter account earlier today, it's been rumored that T-ara will be revealing their second Japanese single sometime later this year.

The picture features member Soyeon in a new version of the group's previous "Yayaya" outfits. Together with the picture, the singer also posted a short note, hinting that a new version of "Yayaya" might be on its way.

T-ara is currently preparing the release of their first Japanese single "Bo Peep Bo Peep", which will be revealed this next Wednesday. The girl group is also set to make a comeback with a new mini album, "Black Eyes", next month.

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Source: @sohotmelody

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