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The Boss to release 4th Japanese single in December?

Submitted: Oct 16 2011 05:05 PM by Kaye

While the group was revealed to have recorded their 4th Japanese music video last week, more details about the impending release haven't been revealed.

Today, however, a fan shared a picture of the music video set, revealing that the MV and song itself seem to have a Christmas theme, making the fans believe the song is set for a December release.

The Boss, who returned to Korea just at the end of last week in order to prepare for a Korean comeback, are rumored to release their 4th Japanese single "Love Story" on December 7th. It'll be the 4th release in the Love Series after "Love Power", "Love Bingo!" and "Love Parade" were revealed earlier this year.

Nothing about these rumors has been confirmed by the official staff in either Japan or Korea.

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Source: daeguknamah and mmmmmabc1

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  • Yaejin 187 Points

    LOVE again? -sigh- i'm so bored and fed up of the 'love love love' stuff D; I miss these boys and the songs they released in Korea :/

    16 October 2011 - 03:05 PM

    • Kaye 3218 Points

      It'll probably stop the moment they release a full length though. Then it's on to the next series, or they just stop it completely. It's fun, but it shouldn't have lasted more than three singles.

      16 October 2011 - 03:11 PM

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