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Woollim to debut girl group later this year?

Submitted: Aug 21 2011 11:05 AM by Kaye

Ever since the release of Infinite's first full length album, rumors have been going around that their company, Woollim Entertainment, will be debuting another group later this year or in the first quarter of 2012.

Reasons for these rumors were found in the various appearances of unknown girls in Infinite's work, such as a girl lead in the "Be Mine" music video, and a singer with the nickname "Baby Soul" on the track "Crying". Five different trainees were also mentioned by Hoya in his "thanks to" section. Netizens and fans have been able to figure out a possible line-up of the members of this new group, and are keeping it at 4 for the moment.

One of its members, Yoo Jiae ('93), is already known to the public as the girl who lived with Infinite during the recording of "You Are My Oppa". She is said to have joined Woollim as an actress in training after the recording of the show had ended. Many people are now expecting her to be a member of the new girl group, even though she initially joined the company to debut as an actress.

The second one, Yoo JiA, was the girl who appeared in the "Be Mine" music video. There's not much info about her, except for the fact that people have been hearing rumors that she's going to be the leader of the group, and therefore, she is most likely the oldest member.

The third member to possibly debut through the group is Soojung ('92), more known as Baby Soul from the song "Crying". Woollim seems to be hiding her and keeping her from exposure as there's not a single picture of her to be found.

Koo Bohye ends the tentative line-up as the 4th member of the group. She's believed to be the maknae at this point, being born in 1994.

Not much is known about other trainees who might be able to join the group later on, and if Woollim is really planning on debuting a girl group. But seeing as Infinite is going to leave for Japan pretty soon, some of it might seem to hold a truth.

Source: fuckyeahinfinite

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  • B14H_ 3 Points

    ahhh idk if i will like yoo jiae,bcuz how she acted in the show!~

    21 August 2011 - 06:40 PM

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