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"1 Night 2 Days" cast didn't care about Lee Seunggi's "Running Man" stint?

Submitted: Nov 22 2012 06:50 PM by ohgelie

Lee Seunggi talked about his recent appearance on his former rival show "Running Man." On November 21st, SBS's "Midnight TV Entertainment" aired their interview with Lee Seunggi where he talked about his recent stint on "Running Man," along with his new album and concert.

When asked about "Running Man," Lee Seungi revealed that his fellow "1 Night 2 Days" cast didn't protest to his appearance, but joked that they never wished him good luck either. He also revealed that after experiencing hardships on his previous show, he felt good to film "Running Man" since it was shot closer to the city. Lee Seunggi was a regular member of the first "1 Night 2 Days," which airs at the same timeslot as "Running Man."

Aside from that, Lee Seunggi also confessed that he is addicted to smartphone games these days and revealed that his highest score in Anipang is 280,000 points.

Currently, Lee Seunggi is busy promoting his new album "Forest" and preparing for his upcoming concert titled "Hope Concert" on December 1st and 2nd.

Source: ENews24

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