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B1A4 reveals "Sesame Player" Season 3 preview video

Submitted: Jan 27 2012 03:30 PM by Kaye

After earlier seasons featuring MBLAQ and Infinite, the third season of Mnet's "Sesame Player" was recently revealed to feature boy group B1A4. Earlier today, a short preview for the new season's first episode was revealed through the Internet.

After releasing two mini albums last year, B1A4 jumped to the top as one of 2011's top rookie groups. Now in preparations for their Japanese debut, as well as a Korean comeback both later this year, B1A4 was cast as the third boy group to be featured on the Mnet show.

The group also revealed a joint package of their first two Korean mini albums in Japan, and managed to get to a 13th spot in the daily album rankings from Japan's Oricon Charts.

Will you be watching this new season?

Source: haninaki

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  • Congee 1028 Points

    neafiaoewfo;anewmklnaoeif Can't wait!!

    27 January 2012 - 07:58 AM

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