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Comparison of Kang Hodong's last episodes of "1 Night 2 Days" and "Strong Heart"

Submitted: Sep 28 2011 04:24 PM by dingdongbelle

MC Kang Hodong has stepped down from two programs; however, his farewell from the respective shows has been dealt with differently.

His last appearance on KBS "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days" was broadcasted on September 25th; likewise, his last appearance on SBS "Strong Heart" was broadcasted on September 27th, leaving behind a feeling of regret.

Kang Hodong's last appearance on "1 Night 2 Days" coincided with part three of the viewers' tour special. At the end of the episode, the song "Light" by H.O.T. accompanied images of the viewer participants and the members, highlighting their sadness at their parting. There was, however, an obvious lack of reference to Kang Hodong's resignation.

Furthermore, while clips of each of the members' farewell speeches to their respective teams were shown, Kang Hodong's was missing. In this way, he quietly left "1 Night 2 Days."

The mood on "Strong Heart" was different. Kang Hodong's last episode was broadcasted on September 27th, with the ending scene showing encouraging messages for Lee Seunggi from Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and the other fixed guests.

On this note, viewers have been anticipating Lee Seunggi's solo MCing after news of his skills hit the news headlines last week. This was further fueled by the caption that was inserted at the end of the episode: "4 October 2011 - the new "Strong Heart" hosted by MC Seunggi begins."

Of course, both programs have notably avoided the topic of Kang Hodong's departure. But whereas "1 Night 2 Days" have excluded Kang Hodong from their materials, "Strong Heart" have redirected the focus onto their remaining MC Lee Seunggi, announcing a change of atmosphere for their program.

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Source: Newsen

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