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KBS reveals K-Chart winner for November 26th episode

Submitted: Nov 29 2010 06:48 AM by Eggyone

Last week's Music Bank episode did not air. As a result, fans were not aware of the K-Chart winner for the 11/26/10 episode.

However, KBS did not wait very long to unveil the news. Today on their official website, they posted a chart with the rankings for the week. Coming in first was none other than SNSD. This was their fourth straight win.

Congratulations to Girls' Generation for yet another win!

Check out the full rankings for the November 26th episode below from KBS's official site!

Posted Image

Source: KBS

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  • Teukieteuk 418 Points

    no surprise

    28 November 2010 - 11:09 PM

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