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Roy Kim wins Mnet's Superstar K4

Submitted: Nov 23 2012 08:45 PM by Kaye

Just a few hours ago the last live show of this year's Superstar K season came to an end. The two finalists, Roy Kim and band DickPunks, took it up against each other through various performances.

During the last live show, both contestants were able to show off their musical talent as the last mission was about "self-written songs." This mission was a new addition to the already known formula of Superstar K. In previous seasons, the finalists went through the "composer song mission" in which a renowned composer wrote a song just for the the finalists, as well as the "free song mission" in which they could pick any song they liked and perform it.

The producers of the show were added the new mission because the outcome for this year's auditions was so big, over two million people participated. It was also an added factor that DickPunks and Roy Kim made it to the finals, further showcasing their great star quality and musical abilities. Rather than to have them perform a song by a composer, they opted to let them write their own songs to fit their personal style. Both contestants were already familiar with songwriting and composing as DickPunks already released various mini albums before taking part in the competition. Roy Kim, on the other hand, was also known to have written his own songs before auditioning for Superstar K.

In the end, soloist Roy Kim (real name: Kim Sangwoo) took the upper hand in votes and became the winner of Superstar K 4. Runner up is the four member band DickPunks.

As revealed earlier, Roy Kim aims to be a folk rock singer, being able to convey the meaning of a song through its lyrics and music as a whole. His favorite singers are Kim Gwangsuk, Lee Moonsae, Damien Rice, Jason Mraz and James Morrison. Because of his win he received 500 million won in prize money, as well as the opportunity to start off his music career, and perform at the Mnet Asian Music Awards later this month.

Congratulations to the winner!

Source: Korea Economic

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