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Song Joongki returns to "Running Man" as a guest

Submitted: Oct 22 2011 01:35 PM by Matty

After leaving "Running Man" in May of this year, Song Joongki will be returning to the show as a guest in the October 30th episode.

When he left in episode 41, he could not help but shed tears as he said his farewell to the other regulars of the show. His departure also saddened many fans as he had been on the show since the very beginning. His regular appearance on "Running Man" garnered attention due to his relationship with Song Jihyo. Together they were dubbed the "Song-Song Couple". While a regular member, he constantly irritated Gary, who was in his own scandalous relationship with Song Jihyo as the "Monday Couple". In addition to his relationship with Song Jihyo, he was also Lee Kwangsu's "Same-Aged Friend". He decided to leave the show in order to focus on his acting career.

After his departure as a regular member, fans hoped he would return to the show one day as a guest. After almost half a year (25 episodes), Joongki will once again appear on the show as a guest in episode 66. He will be making his return together with two other guests: Kim Sunah (who appears in both episodes 65 and 66) and Kim Juhyuk (who will only appear in episode 65).

Below is the teaser for episode 65. You can see Joongki at 0:41 and 0:50, standing next to Lee Kwangsu.

Although he can be seen in the teaser for episode 65, Joongki will not be appearing until episode 66. Some fans were lucky and spotted him filming in Daejoon which is the location of episode 66.

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Source: MundoHallyu and en.korea

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  • azn14 0 Points

    omo ! i can't wait !!!

    23 October 2011 - 08:43 PM

  • snoweblossom 128 Points

    the team's together again :')

    24 October 2011 - 07:27 PM

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