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Super Junior's Leeteuk in talks to participate in Kang Hodong's 1st "Star King" episode

Submitted: Oct 25 2012 02:55 PM by ohgelie

Super Junior's Leeteuk is currently in talks for a special appearance for Kang Hodong's comeback in "Star King." According to the show's producers, the production is currently in discussion with Leeteuk to return to participate in Kang Hodong's first new episode on the show.

Leeteuk, along with Kang Hodong, had been a long standing fixture on the show, earning the hearts of its guests and viewers. According to reports, Kang Hodong himself personally requested Leeteuk to participate on his comeback episode despite his upcoming military enlistment.

Kang Hodong will record his first episode filming on October 29th while Leeteuk is scheduled to enlist in the military on October 30th.

Should Leeteuk participate on this episode?

Source: OSEN

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  • littleturtle 15 Points

    I'm more excited about seeing Kang Hodong back!
    sdjkfskjfhs c8

    but whut?
    Leeteuk is enlisting?
    TT ^ TT

    25 October 2012 - 02:39 PM

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