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Tablo and Kang Hyejung make first talk show appearance on SBS's "Healing Camp"

Submitted: Oct 30 2012 10:20 AM by ohgelie

Tablo and Kang Hyejung made their first television show appearance together as guests on "Healing Camp." The show initially asked Tablo to be featured on the show while Kang Hyejung was set to make a surprise appearance in one part of the show. The surprise guesting made it their first show together since getting married.

The couple created a light atmosphere during the episode as they displayed both affection and respect for each other. As they shared stories of their life as a couple, Tablo also talked about Epik High, his father's death, and his struggles with Tajinyo.

Tablo and Kang Hyejung's episode on "Healing Camp" will air on November 5th. Meanwhile, Tablo returns with Epik High as they promote their 7th studio album released last October 19th.

Source: News Daily

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