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Winners of the 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards

Submitted: Dec 29 2012 06:40 PM by Uni

On December 29th, the annual MBC Entertainment Awards aired live from Yeouido in Seoul with Kang Hodong, actress Kim Sora and ZE:A's Kwanghee as its main MCs.

Several entertainers who were active this year participated in the event, such as Park Myungsoo, Yoon Jongshin, Park Eunji, ZE:A's Kwanghee, Kim Sora, Kang Hodong, Im Siwan, Park Minsun, Yoo Jaesuk and more.

Of course, the event was also supported by musical appearances with the opening performed by Noh Hongchul dancing to PSY's "Gangnam Style," the worldwide hit music video that has garnered over a billion views and helped him gain the name "Elevator Guy."

Check out all the winners for tonight below!

Daesang: Park Myungsoo

Entertainment Program of the Year: "Golden Fishery - Radio Star"

Grand Prize:
Male - Yoon Jongshin (Radio Star)
Female - Park Misun (World Changing Quiz Show · We Got Married - Season 4)

Excellence Award (Show and Variety):
Male - Yoo Seyoon (Radio Star · The Guru Show)
Female - Kim Nayoung (Come To Play · God of Victory)

Excellence Award (Comedy · Sitcom):
Male - Kim Wangi (Fall In Comedy)
Female - Kim Soohyun (Standby)

Rookie of the Year (Show · Variety):
Male - Kwanghee (We Got Married - Season 4 · The Guru Show), Kyuhyun (Radio Star)
Female - Park Eunji (I Am A Singer 2), Yoon Se-ah (We Got Married - Season 4)

Rookie of the Year (Comedy · Sitcom):
Male - Kim Dooyoung (Fall In Comedy), Im Siwan (Standby)
Female - Yoo Misun (Fall In Comedy), Jung Somin (Standby)

Scriptwriter of the Year: writer Hwang Sunyoung (Golden Fishery - Radio Star)

Special Award: Kim Taewon

Friendship Award:
Sunwoo, Lee Kyungshil, Kim Jisun (World Changing Quiz Show)
Kyuhyun, Yoo Seyoon, Kim Gukjin, Yoon Jongshin (Golden Fisher - Radio Star)

PD Award: Yoo Jaesuk

Choice Award:
Show · Variety - Kim Sora, Leeteuk
MC - Yi Deokhwa, Kim Gyuri
Comedy · Sitcom - Ryujin
Singer - Guckkasten, SISTAR

Best Couple Award: Kim C · Cho Jangchi

Grand Prize - Choi Yangrak, Sung Sikyung
Excellence Award - Kim Kyungsik, Sweet Sorrow

Source: OSEN and Ajung Kyungjae

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