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YMC Entertainment reveals the reason Ailee continues to take part of "Immortal Song 2" despite being on hiatus

Submitted: May 10 2012 03:46 AM by Uni

Emerging female vocalist Ailee, who has continued appearing on the KBS show "Immortal Song 2," has been gathering attention as she is currently on hiatus from music promotions.

Ailee's creative performances on "Immortal Song 2" has been gathering a lot of attention, especially since many current singers on the show has been feeling the pressure of performing rearranged songs of legendary veteran singers. However, Ailee continues to stand strong and performing amazing stages.

When she first made her debut with her single, "Heaven," there was a need for her to gain broadcasting appearances due to her being a newcomer. Through "Immortal Song 2," she has gained a lot of fans and many people already know and recognize her. However, there has been a lot of people wondering why she continues to participate in the show, especially with her prepping for a new single this coming June.

YMC Entertainment spoke on the issue and revealed on May 10th to enews24, "Ailee has never performed with a live band before participating in 'Immortal Song 2.' Because she loves the live band sound and the people she is working with, she would like to continue appearing on the show as long as the staff of the show will allow her to."

The official added, "She was nervous taking the stage as she was a rookie, but as she gained experience, she began to enjoy it more. There is a lot that she still wants to show to the audience on stage, so she'll continue appearing on 'Immortal Song 2' despite her hiatus from music promotions."

Currently, artists such as Lyn, Sunghoon and Im Taekyung has announced their leave from "Immortal Song 2," while Ailee will continue to appear and is filming for the May 14th episode.

Source: enews24

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  • _carpediem 34 Points

    It's nice seeing her on the show. She's been doing an amazing job week after week.

    09 May 2012 - 07:52 PM

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