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ZE:A releases "Beautiful Girl" ballad single + MV

Submitted: Dec 07 2012 03:30 AM by ohgelie

On December 7th, ZE:A released the ballad track "Beautiful Girl," specially prepared for their fans as a special gift.

In their last promotions for "Phoenix," ZE:A portrayed a stylish charisma. In this latest single, ZE:A takes on an R&B ballad track for the first time since their debut.

In the track "Beautiful Girl," the lyrics describes someone shyly confessing their love. The song was composed and written by Rado and Bokgeumgom.

Last November, it was confirmed that ZE:A will be releasing a new single, which is described to be a ballad with a hint of R&B. The news were well-received by their fans as it will be the first time that the group will be releasing a ballad track, which is uncommon for the group who previously promoted by upbeat pop tunes. For the past few days, teaser images featuring members Siwan and Kwanghee were revealed, portraying an innocent and playful emotions. Siwan and Kwanghee were also seen holding a rose, the main prop used to represent their concept.

Star Empire Entertainment did not release any statement if the group will be holding any promotional activity for the single, as all members are currently focusing on their own individual activities.

You can purchase their new digital single at [urlhttp://music.bugs.co.kr/album/351021?wl_ref=new_ab]Bugs[/url], MelOn and Olleh Music.

What do you think of ZE:A's new track?

Source: ZEA2011

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