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Koreaboo Staff Music Picks: Song of the Year 20...

2013 was filled with an abundance of debuts, comebacks, concerts, and relationships, as well as some unfavorable news. However, without a doubt, there were thousands of Korean songs released this year!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossibl... Continue reading

[Updated] SMROOKIES: SM Entertainment's pre...

SM Entertainment has been releasing video and photo teasers for its new pre-debut team, SMROOKIES.

So far, fans have been introduced to Jeno (13), Seulgi (19), Jaehyun (16), Irene (22), Lami (10), and Taeyong (18). The videos show us a gl... Continue reading

Teen Top to return with repackaged album "T...

Teen Top will be returning to the music scene with the release of their repackaged album, "Teen Top Class Addition."

Earlier today, TOP Media announced that Teen Top will be releasing a repackaged version of the fourth album "Teen Top Cla...read more

Submitted: Oct 18 2013 10:34 PM by ohgelie

IU wins Music Bank! + Other performances

On this week's Music Bank the battle for first place was between IU and EXO, with IU taking the win with “Red Shoes” in the end!

Meanwhile, a number of comeback stages were showcased on the show today, starting with K.Will's “You Don’t Kno...read more

Submitted: Oct 18 2013 01:16 PM by Pearroc

Super Junior's Siwon, f(x)'s Krystal an...

SM Entertainment has announced a change in the line-up for their upcoming "SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III" in Tokyo.

On SM Entertainment's official homepage in Japan, the agency confirmed that due to filming commitments on their respective fi...read more

Submitted: Oct 17 2013 09:54 PM by ohgelie

IU wins M! Countdown! + Other performances

On this weeks Mnet's M!Countdown the battle for first place was between IU and Busker Busker, with IU taking the win with “The Red Shoes” in the end!

This week, TREN-D made their debut with “Candy Boy”.

Returning with their f...read more

Submitted: Oct 17 2013 12:11 PM by Pearroc

Big Bang's T.O.P, Kim Youjung and Yoon Jemo...

Big Bang's Top, Kim Youjung and Yoon Jemoon have been spotted filming for the top variety show, "Running Man."

On October 15th, an official from SBS confirmed that TOP, Kim Youjung and Yoon Jemoon filmed for an episode of the show as they ...read more

Submitted: Oct 15 2013 05:30 PM by ohgelie

Big Bang adds another concert stop for their Ja...

YG Entertainment adds an extra date to Big Bang's upcoming Dome tour in Japan.

On October 15th, YG Entertainment announced that they have received over 1,400,000 preorders for concert tickets, proving Big Bang's strong fanbase. Due to the...read more

Submitted: Oct 15 2013 01:45 PM by ohgelie

IU to hold "Modern Times" concert this ...

Currently promoting her new album "Modern Times," songstress IU is confirmed to hold a special concert for her fans.

Earlier today, it was announced that IU will be holding a "Modern Times" concert on November 23rd and 24th at Kyunghee Un...read more

Submitted: Oct 15 2013 01:37 PM by ohgelie

Shinhwa's Dongwan to leave "Shinhwa Bro...

Shinhwa's Dongwan will no longer join the upcoming season of jTBC's "Shinhwa Broadcast."

On October 15th, Live Works Company confirmed that Dongwan decided to leave the show. According to the agency, Dongwan wanted to focus promoting with...read more

Submitted: Oct 15 2013 01:08 PM by ohgelie

The "2013 Style Icon Awards" to feature...

The "2013 Style Icon Awards" has confirmed that Big Bang's G-Dragon and hiphop artist A$AP Rocky will be performing at this year's ceremony.

On October 14th, the organisers revealed that they regard G-Dragon's extraordinary fashion sense,...read more

Submitted: Oct 14 2013 10:49 PM by ohgelie

MBLAQ to hold the concert "Sensation" i...

MBLAQ has confirmed plans of holding a concert!

Earlier today, J.Tune Camp announced that MBLAQ will be holding a concert titled "Sensation" on November 23rd, which will be held at Korea University's Hwajung Stadium. The agency also revea...read more

Submitted: Oct 14 2013 08:59 PM by ohgelie

Block B wins Inkigayo! + Other performances

On October the 13th, Inkigayo had 9 different artists with comebacks! T-ara had their “Number 9” comeback, IU with “Red Shoes”, Nine Muses with “Gun”, SHINee with “Symptoms”, “Close it” + “Everybody”, Kahi with “It’s Me”, 2EYES with “Shooting Star”, ...read more

Submitted: Oct 13 2013 10:34 AM by Pearroc

IU in talks for drama "Beautiful Guy"

IU may soon be making a drama comeback!

The talented singer-actress is currently in the midst of discussions for starring in the upcoming drama "Beautiful Guy." According to a drama representative, the entire drama staff has been finding s...read more

Submitted: Oct 12 2013 02:25 PM by happyazngirl08

Busker Busker wins again on KBS Music Bank + ot...

The week continues with even more comeback performances!

On this week's KBS Music Bank, comebacks included T-ara with "Number 9," IU with "Between the Lips" and "Red Shoes", Nine Muses with "Gun," SHINee with "Symptoms" and "Everybody," 2E...read more

Submitted: Oct 11 2013 12:07 PM by Pearroc

Photos from Song Joongki's basic military t...

A photo of Song Joongki's military training graduation has been released.

On October 10th, an online community has uploaded a photo of Song Joongki as he finishes his basic military training. The published photo was taken from the simple ...read more

Submitted: Oct 10 2013 03:50 PM by ohgelie

T-ara's Hyomin confirmed to attend Tokyo In...

Core Contents Media made another statement and confirmed that Hyomin will be able to attend her movie's premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

On October 10th, it was announced that Hyomin will be able to attend the red carpet...read more

Submitted: Oct 10 2013 03:06 PM by ohgelie

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