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Koreaboo Staff Music Picks: Song of the Year 20...

2013 was filled with an abundance of debuts, comebacks, concerts, and relationships, as well as some unfavorable news. However, without a doubt, there were thousands of Korean songs released this year!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossibl... Continue reading

[Updated] SMROOKIES: SM Entertainment's pre...

SM Entertainment has been releasing video and photo teasers for its new pre-debut team, SMROOKIES.

So far, fans have been introduced to Jeno (13), Seulgi (19), Jaehyun (16), Irene (22), Lami (10), and Taeyong (18). The videos show us a gl... Continue reading

SM Entertainment responds to "Lucifer" ...

We reported that SHINee's hit song "Lucifer" may have been plagiarized by a Serbian singer Jelena Karleusa. SHINee's version came out in the first half of 2010, while Jelena's version "Muskarac koji mrzi zene" was just released.

Fans have...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 09:15 PM by Uni

TVXQ's Yunho has a strong comeback despite ...

TVXQ made a strong comeback last night on KBS Music Bank. The duo wowed fans with their vocals in the ballad "How Can I" and made fans scream during their performance of their title song "Why (Keep Your Head Down)".

"How Can I" was compos...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 08:55 PM by Uni

Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, and Taeyeon's...

Including ballads in drama OSTs have started to become a big trend in the past year. Secret Garden is one of the biggest running dramas this year and its OST is also very popular. The drama almost hit the 30% rating in their last episode. Known as the ...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 08:30 PM by Uni

SHINee's Minho and Onew show support for TVXQ

Amidst all the dramatic tweets and support shown for TVXQ, SHINee has stepped up to also voice their support for the duo's comeback.

They shared their me2day pictures, taken with Yunho and Changmin, accompanied by words of support. Minho ...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 05:45 PM by Flowsion

Are the increasing bans on K-Pop songs a cause ...

Over the years, as the Korean pop industry has grown, so too has the number of songs and music videos banned by Korean authorities. Among the famed and misfortuned, some of the most publicized bans have included Lee Hyori’s "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", T...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 05:35 PM by soulmsarang

Teen Top releases their second video teaser

Teen Top's comeback is slowly coming closer. Despite a setback due to Niel's injury, they have already released an image and video for their song "Transform".

Now they have released the second video teaser for "Transform" featuring Shinhw...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 11:10 AM by Uni

TVXQ makes their big comeback on Music Bank wit...

The day has finally come for all Cassiopeians! TVXQ had their first comeback stage tonight and performed two songs, "How Can I" and "Why (Keep Your Head Down)". Before performing, they had a short interview with the two MCs of Music Bank. A very lucky ...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 10:40 AM by Uni

BEAST's Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob perfo...

On January 7th, BEAST members Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob performed their recently released song, "Thanks To", on Music Bank. The two playfully performed the song, addressing and facing each while singing "thank you, for you," and finished the perfor...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 10:29 AM by emikeii

IU wins on Music Bank + other performances

On tonight's episode of KBS's Music Bank, there were many debuts and comebacks. Piggy Dolls and Dal Shabet made their debuts on the Music Bank stage tonight. Additionally, INFINITE came back with "Hysterie" and "BTD". Joo made her comeback with "Bad Gu...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 10:27 AM by Eggyone

Secret returns with "Shy Boy" on Music ...

After returning on last night's episode of Mnet's M! Countdown, Secret continued their comeback stages tonight. Their new hit song, "Shy Boy" was released only a couple of days ago, but it already getting lots of attention. They also released the music...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 10:25 AM by Eggyone

INFINITE makes their comeback on Music Bank wit...

After releasing their mini album just yesterday, the boys of INFINITE were ready to start on their performances. They had their first comeback performance tonight. INFINITE performed two tracks from their latest mini album, "Evolution".

I...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 10:08 AM by Eggyone

Joo returns with "Bad Guy" on Music Bank

Joo was absent from the music scene for almost two years. Earlier this week, however, she released her comeback album titled, "Heartmade". The title track, "Bad Guy" had been consistently staying close to the top of the charts since it's release. Her m...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 09:46 AM by Eggyone

Dal Shabet debuts on tonight's Music Bank

New girl group, Dal Shabet, had their first debut performance on last night's episode of Mnet's M! Countdown. They released their debut mini album earlier in the week along with their music video for the mini album's title track, "Supa Dupa Diva".
read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 09:43 AM by Eggyone

Piggy Dolls debut on Music Bank with "Trend...

Piggy Dolls released their debut mini album, "Piggy Style", earlier this week. The album includes tracks like "그거 아니", "Darling", and "아니잖아". Their also released their music video for "Trend".

Piggy Dolls had their first debut performance ...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 09:32 AM by Eggyone

Ivy seeks contract termination from her agency,...

Singer Ivy, 29, has just filed a lawsuit against her agency Storm E&F and is seeking contract termination. The Seoul Central District Court has confirmed that Ivy has filed a case to terminate her contract with her agency. Ivy switched agencies in 2009...read more

Submitted: Jan 07 2011 08:50 AM by Uni

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