[★BREAKING] iKON’s Chanwoo rushed to hospital after accident during MV filming

iKON‘s Chanwoo was taken to the hospital while filming for their comeback music video due to an injury on set. 

Filming for iKON’s music video was stopped as Chanwoo injured his ankle and had his tendons stretched on set. YG Entertainment rushed him to the hospital despite his requests to continue filming where they received a doctor’s opinion on the injury.

YG Entertainment released a statement regarding the incident, which is translated below.

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Posted by Koreaboo on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chanwoo was injured during the filming of iKON’s music video. He injured his ankle and his tendons got stretched. Chanwoo kept insisting that he could continue filming the music video but he was prevented in doing so as his health is more important. According to doctors, it is not a serious injury so the Yokohama Arena Dome tour that is coming up will not be affected by his injury. As long as he does not do heavy dancing, there is no problem with his health.

— YG Entertainment

Source: Osen

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