K.A.R.D reveals the most awkward part about being a co-ed group


During a recent interview, K.A.R.D  revealed that sometimes there were moments where being a co-ed group was awkward and uncomfortable.

K.A.R.D confessed that dancing provocatively with the opposite sex members of the group was the most awkward part of being in a co-ed group.

K.A.R.D is unique in that they’re one of the only idol groups with both female and male members. With K.A.R.D, the co-ed concept is fresh and group dynamics are still new for the members and fans as well.

In their songs “Don’t Recall” and “Oh NaNa” the female members twerk during the dance breaks. As the male dancers are actual members and not just backup dancers, K.A.R.D admitted that this made things awkward at first as the dance was provocative.

As the members got closer, they got used to dancing like this. K.A.R.D’s Jiwoo said the following regarding the dancing.

“Even though it is uncomfortable to dance like this with our members, we had to get used to it because even if it’s awkward – it’s more awkward for viewers if they sense that tension between us. That’s why we got over the awkward stages and did our best with the dancing.”

– K.A.R.D Jiwoo

It was also brought up that the members have had to change clothes in the same area before. Now they need at least one extra room for changing, but in the past, it was suggested that they had to change together. All members nodded in agreement that it was awkward.

You can watch the full interview below!

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