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We're proud to announce the opening of our Partner Community!

We're inviting an exclusive number of communities to become a member and be a part of the next big community project in k-pop. Since launching in October of 2010, we have been 'beta' testing our Partner Community with SHINee Forums International and BoAjjang and have found it to be extremely successful.

Being a part of this elite community will allow you to interact and collaborate on huge projects, such as the SMTOWN 2010 project delivered by Koreaboo for our partners. We hope the communities we choose for this network will help shape the Hallyu Wave as well as the communities to come. New artists are emerging everyday and with these artists are new websites. Who will these fan communities shape themselves after? We want it to be you.

We rely on communication to ensure that our network is successful. We do not believe in forcing our partners to participate in programs nor do we believe in forcing our brand upon yours. Some of the benefits of joining Koreaboo's Partner Program are as follows:

Participation in Community Projects.
Koreaboo will be organizing community projects, where our partners will be able to participate in giveaways, contests and gifts to artists. An example of such a project would be the 'SMTOWN 2010 Los Angeles Gift', where Koreaboo helped SM-related communities deliver gifts to artists.

Proper Sourcing of Articles
We source all our partners and other websites. This is not a benefit to just our partners, but we'd like to reiterate it. We properly source all our articles.

Mention on Related Articles
We will have a mention on related articles letting users know that we are partnered with you. For example, an article on SHINee will contain a info section on the bottom of the article, letting users know they can find dedicated media and an awesome community of Shawols at SFI.

Featured on Website
We will be featuring a 'Partner Widget' that cycles through our partners, letting users know who we are partnered with. This will be prominently displayed.

Trending Topics
Koreaboo will help with trending topic projects, we will be launching a new widget on our website that informs our readers when our partners are creating trending projects.

Sponsored Contests
We will help with Contests that our partners are running. Although we cannot provide contests for every partner, every contest, we will help when your artist has a comeback by providing prizes.

Artist Mentions
Koreaboo will try, to the best of our ability, to have your website mentioned by your artist when we receive interviews and video promotions from them. Please note that this may not be possible at all times, but we will fight for the opportunity to have you mentioned.

Koreaboo will provide full hosting for your website if required. We will and can transfer all data from your previous host.

You may be wondering at this point, what will Koreaboo want from us? We're looking for a mutual partnership and an open communication line. Here are some of the things that Koreaboo will request from you:

Promotion of Koreaboo
We will not mandate this or enforce it, however, we ask that our Partners retweet and share articles relevant to them. For example, SFI retweets articles they believe is relevant to their readers (SHINee articles) and shares them on Facebook.

Koreaboo Mention on Website
We ask that there be a linkback of some form on your website. This means that you have a button or image somewhere on your website that lets readers know that you are an official partner of Koreaboo.

Participation on Partners Forum
Koreaboo will have a Partner Forum on our website. We will require all head-administrators and owners to be a part of this Forum and actively participate in discussions. This is where we will be discussing new ideas for our partners before implementing them.

We are not taking any applications at this time. Please check back at a later time. Thank You for your interest in Koreaboo's Partner Community!

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