Idols Reveal 7 Ways To Appear More Attractive

K-Pop Idols have turn heads and make hearts flutter everywhere they go! Here are seven simple ways you can get the look too!

K-Pop Idols carry themselves in a way that make them seem like gods on Earth! They exude awesomeness, and their charms are sought after by all. They’re trend setters, and fashion pioneers, and a lot can be learned from their style and swag!  Here are 7 key characteristics that all K-Pop idols share, and can be learned by anyone easily enough!   If you desire to turn heads in the same way that idols do, here are some easy tricks you can learn to have the same effect! Check out these 7 things idols do to appear more attractive!

7 Simply Ways To Appear More Attractive

By Koreaboo

K-Pop Idols have the looks the turn heads and make hearts flutter everywhere they go! Here are seven simple ways you can get the look too!

  • 1. Invest in skincare products

    By Koreaboo

    The first step to looking like an idol is beautifully clean skin! Korean idols all have a perfect complexion that makes them shine! Try out some Korean brands such as Nature Republic or Skin Food.

  • 2. Get a hairstyle that matches your face

    By Koreaboo

    Current trending hairstyles in Korea include long bangs for boys, and long wavy hair for girls. You can choose to follow a trend… but the best option would be to get a hairstyle that matches the shape and size of your face. If you're unsure, you can ask a professional at a salon.

  • 3. Use Light Or Natural Makeup

    By Koreaboo

    Natural looking makeup is the trend in Korea, inspired by idols who wear very little or very natural-looking makeup. Some eye-liner, eyebrow & lip color are all you need to look great!  

  • 4. Wear well-fitted clothig

    By Koreaboo

    The most important thing when shopping for clothes is getting the right fit and accentuates your body and makes your look great. If you're inspired by K-Pop fashion but think think their clothes are too pricey or custom made, the truth is that most K-Pop fashion is average priced and can be found in your country as well! Search online!

  • 5. Exercise

    By Koreaboo

    Fitness is important for K-Pop idols! They dance and exercise daily to maintain their perfect figures. Hit the gym or exercise at home to get that S-Line, or muscular figure that idols are famous for!

  • 6. Straight eyebrows

    By Koreaboo

    The way eyebrows are shaped make a big difference! K-Pop idols have straight eyebrows because it softens ones expressions and gives a youthful look. Try it out and you'll see the difference it makes!

  • 7. Learn Some Dance

    By Koreaboo

    It may seem like idols were born with swag, but you'd be surprised how a little dance practice can change you! Everything from your posture, to your walk, to you confidence can be influenced by dance!