[★EXCLUSIVE] NS Yoon G releases official statement regarding relationship with MC Boom

NS Yoon G denies relationship with MC Boom (Korean name: Lee Min Ho) and that she was in Bangkok, Thailand

Earlier, Korean media YTN has exclusively reported that artist NS Yoon G and MC and artist Boom (Lee Min Ho) were spotted in Bangkok, Thailand. The media made it as if the relationship was confirmed and that the two were spotted enjoying a ‘honey summer’ together.

However, JTM Entertainment released an official statement regarding the reports of NS Yoon G being spotted in Bangkok recently. The JTM representatives stated that “NS Yoon G has currently been resting at her home and a vacation to Bangkok wasn’t even possible.” And regarding the relationship with MC Boom, the officials stated that those rumors were false.


NS Yoon G also posted on her Instagram regarding the false reports by YTN. She posted a photo of her two dogs captioned:

“I’ve been suffering from otolithiasis (ear problem) going to hospital for the last 2 weeks after ending my promotion…. ha I am really confused and I don’t even know what to say~ haha But let’s all not worry about this~ ^^”

Netizen Reactions:

[ +1680 / -23] What the hell are they saying? Even if they are dating, NS Yoon G is soo much better

[ +1375 / -20] NS Yoon G is too good for him. I’m glad that this wasn’t true

[ +776 / -17] I guess Boom is trying to come out again slowly and slowly (after army issues/gambling scandal);;

[ +534 / -13] What? With Boom….

Source: YTN, Sports Donga, TV ReportInstagramComments: Sports Donga vis Naver